Let TPC help you orchestrate seamless sales experiences to engage your customers throughout their entire journey.

CPQ Integration

For discrete manufacturers, standard sales, quote and order fulfillment processes are complicated and unique and result in botched configurations and long response times. These hang-ups ultimately lead to lost revenue and dissatisfied customers.

TPC uses SAP's latest cloud solution making this process easy by deploying state of the art Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution and leveraging our experience of enterprise systems to integrate with order fulfillment systems. We can build a custom "Guided Selling Process" so your sales people dont have to learn the complexities and focus on selling.

Manufacturers can maximize profitability and order potential by empowering direct sales to price, quote and provide highly configured solutions to buyers, provide dealers and vendors with up-to-date product, pricing and order management capabilities, all while allowing customers to buy directly through ecommerce and self-service solutions.

  • Offer ability to configure, price and quote all combinations of your product

  • Create world class quotes, with full details and pricing

  • Keep full control of quote approvals and submissions

  • Guide sales teams as well as customers to the right solution, at the right price, on any device with a controlled guided selling script

  • Integrate seamlessly with existing back office ERP and front office CRM

  • Upsell and cross-sell based on actual customer and transactional data



  • SAP-certified experts on our team, far-reaching experience with the SAP platform, and a responsibility toward constant learning and certification, 

  • Most of our team comes from SAP

  • We are experts at Integration

  • We listen, implement and become a part of your journey

  • We have been there done that that before, on budget and on time

  • Reference for everything we say



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