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Let TPC help you gauge the end-to-end impact that a move to S/4HANA would have on your business –down to level 4 business processes.

S/4HANA Impact Assessment

In order to keep pace and thrive in today’s digital enterprise – transitioning to a Digital Core for ERP centric data is inevitable. The leading platform in this space is SAP S/4HANA. If your organization ready to explore the options on how to deploy and potentially migrate to S/4HANA, you need to know what to expect – from the effort required to the challenges to expect.

Areas covered in the S/4HANA Impact Assessment Services:

  • Functional Assessment

  • Technical Impacts

  • HANA DB Code Impact and identification of required Enhancements

  • Project Scope Identification

  • Identification of Training Requirements

  • Rollout Plan


The functional assessment begins with understanding all of the functional elements currently in use within your ERP system today. These are itemized and reviewed based on the platform innovations of SAP S4/HANA so you know what will remain, what will change, and what current process/tasks you are doing today will be automated. This will help define scope and expectations for migrating to S/4HANA.

The Technical impacts will focus on identifying the custom code elements and configurations of your current ERP system, and how they will be impacted during a S/4HANA migration. This will tell you what you need to plan for and remediate. The custom development analysis as well as security impact will be addressed through the new data structured of SAP S/4HANA.

This leads towards identifying the scope needed to conduct an SAP S/4HANA migration for your business. Project scope during this time will be identified, and documented, as well as a recommendation for training requirements, as well as tailored deployment options that make the most sense for your business.



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