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Deliver data intelligence with AI and information management

Data Intelligence

Let TPC help you Enable data-driven innovation and intelligent processes with cloud-based data orchestration and machine learning services.

Scale artificial intelligence (AI) enterprise-wide while connecting the data you need, regardless of its location or type, to enable next-generation information management. SAP Data Intelligence helps you turn distributed data into data intelligence with a single, integrated service.

  • Cloud deployment

  • Management of enterprise AI models

  • Distributed data access 

  • Modular container architecture

Scale AI capabilities collaboratively

Manage machine learning models effectively with built-in tools for data governance, management, and transparency.

  • Design and deploy state-of-the-art AI models using data science tools like those provided by JupyterLab

  • Get insights into the performance of machine learning models with advanced reporting capabilities

  • Deploy, test, and retrain models automatically using a central cockpit


Extract value from your distributed data

Deliver intelligent, relevant, timely, and contextual insights to users while processing data across your IT landscape.

  • Discover and connect multiple data types regardless of where the data resides

  • Refine and reuse audio, image, and video streams and data from devices based on the Internet of Things

  • Optimize governance and minimize compliance risk with robust metadata management rules

  • Orchestrate and execute modular data pipelines across distributed infrastructure


Embrace open technologies with confidence

Connect data silos and increase visibility into global assets through data processing based on open-source technology. 

  • Employ a modular, container-based system in the cloud using open-source technologies such as Python, R, and TensorFlow

  • Create and reuse custom operators through a flexible, modular system

  • Bring your own models, deploy them, reuse them in new models, and orchestrate data flows to and from these models



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