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Improve patient outcomes, safety, and quality of care by collaborating across the digital health sciences network with life sciences solutions.

Life Sciences

Improve patient outcomes, safety, and quality of care by collaborating across the digital health sciences network with life sciences solutions.


The atmosphere in which Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies operate is progressively more tricky, being driven by a more and more challenging healthcare agenda. The global need for innovative, cost effective medicines continues to rise whereas regulators, payers, health care providers and patients are demanding greater value for money, proven effectiveness of products, more transparency and access to information. To meet these demands companies are seeking ways to improve R&D productivity, increase the efficiency of its operations, rationalize spending on sales and marketing and enhance financial performance.

Working closely with our clients, ranging from small entrepreneurial life science companies to large global corporations, we aspire to achieve increased performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s key business operations.

Across the whole Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences value chain, Principal Consulting's trusted consultants and professional advisers use their wealth of industry based experience, knowledge and expertise to help our clients evaluate their strategic business options, improve management and control, and identify cost saving initiatives.


Research, Development, Engineering, and Compliance

  • Global Regulatory Compliance

  • Project and Portfolio Management

  • Product Compliance

  • Product Development and Engineering

  • Product Formulation and Recipe Development

  • Real-World Evidence

  • Talent Management and Learning


Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

  • External Workforce Management

  • Invoice and Payables Management

  • Operational Procurement

  • Service Procurement

  • Sourcing and Contract Management

  • Supplier Collaboration

  • Supplier Management

Demand-Driven Supply Networks

  • Cold Chain and Transportation Management

  • Demand Management and Insights

  • Order Promising

  • Response and Supply Planning

  • Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning

  • Serialization and Logistics Networks

  • Warehouse Management


Compliant Manufacturing

  • Asset Operations and Maintenance

  • Industrial Insights

  • Intelligence Asset Management

  • Manufacturing Execution

  • Manufacturing Networks

  • Manufacturing Operations

  • Mobile Asset Management


Multichannel, Sales, Marketing, and Service

  • Field Service Management

  • Omnichannel Commerce Management

  • Omnichannel Customer Service

  • Optimized Marketing

  • Patient Engagement

  • Sales Performance Management

  • Single Customer View




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VP. Smart Solutions & Customer Satisfaction

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