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SAP HANA 2.0 SP4 Update - Quick Look at the features.

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

SAP announced the release of SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 03 back in June, and we wanted to jot down some of the most significant areas of the update in this entry. There has been a big focus on Data Management and Analytical enhancements, as well as a few focused around app dev.

Database enhancements: Privacy, Security, Workload and Disaster Recovery Improvements

The latest release now boosts Privacy and Protection with large updates to Data Anonymization and Column encryption within the platform. There’s also been updates made to improve Disaster Recovery with a new multi target replication feature. Other new items include a fast DB reset option and an improved system restore feature for the system database tenants. There’s also been new adjustments to dynamics tiering and workload performances.

Data Management enhancements: Blockchain, Google SDQ and Data Modeling Improvements

With blockchain all the rage these days SAP has included a new, easy integration option for Blockchain data from SCP Cloud Service within SAP HANA. They also moved forward with adding integration options with Google BigQuery. Match Functionality has also been brought forward with Smart Data Quality (SDQ) for record identification. An updated Enterprise Architecture Designer is also available for data modeling.

Analytics enhancements: Machine Leaning, Predictive Analytics Updates

SAP has made a large focus on improving execution performance by rolling out an automated algorithm selection for Machine Learning, and also adding new functionality and ESRI support for SAP HANA, with a focus on geocoding. Graph tools will also see an improvement, specifically for openCypher and GraphScript Extensions.

App Development enhancements: Tools & Language Updates, New Admin Cockpit

SQLScript and SQL support for Hibernate and Ruby have been added with the SPS 03 update, and Python is also now supported. There’s also been support for client side data encryption which helps bolster security, and a new XSA Administrator Cockpit is now available providing a very similar experience to the SAP Cloud Platform Administrator Cockpit, making it easier to use.

That’s it for a quick, high level look at the newest features. Check back as always for more information!

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